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In Accelerating Excellence, James King revolutionises the way you perceive excellence, potential and talent, crushing some of the most entrenched assumptions along the way.


James draws on his fifteen years of experience as a trusted advisor to some of the worlds most elite and exclusive organisations combined with cutting edge scientific research to reveal the foundational principles that are proven to drive elite performance.

You will emerge inspired about the possibility that exists before you, enriched with purpose, structure and direction along with a biological and psychological edge over the competition.

Available in your local bookstore, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

‘Accelerating Excellence provides exclusive access into what it takes for

both individuals and groups to excel. It's entertaining, uses real life examples,

and is highly practical. It's about time this book was written.’

Per Lundstam

Director of Athlete Performance

Red Bull

Roy Hodgson

Former England manager

‘How do you accelerate excellence? The first step is to read this

ground-breaking book, which is not so much a book as a detailed

map of the newly revealed landscape of human performance.

Accelerating Excellence will be on the desk of every coach in elite sport.’

‘I've watched and admired how James designs and build sustainable human performance programmes that deliver results. Accelerating Excellence, is a long overdue manifesto for elite performance and James King is the ideal ambassador.’

Command Sergeant Major

United Kingdom Special Mission Units

Men's Health

‘James King knows what it takes to make people excel! You can’t afford

not to know what he’s teaching. How to progress will become very clear,

very fast, and very exciting. James shows you the tools, they hit your

brain, it clicks, you transform, and results follow.’

‘Greatness is not achieved accidentally; from developing athletes to coaching to managing employees, James King’s Accelerating Excellence presents a deliberate and accessible roadmap for optimizing human behavior to maximise elite performance.’

Mark Shapiro

President & CEO

Toronto Blue Jays

RC Buford

CEO San Antonio Spurs

‘Accelerating Excellence is an important resource that provides

valuable and unique insight on the topic of elite performance.’

‘An inspirational book where each and every chapter reveals unique insight into

how to cultivate elite performance. A true route map to excellence.’

Senior Member

MI5 - The Security Service

Muwaffaq Salti

Founder and Chairman Mandara Capital

‘James transformed the selection and training process at Mandara and an exponential increase in revenue followed immediately. James is relentless in his pursuit of improved performance. If I were to start my company from scratch he would be my very first hire ahead of any other person I have ever worked with.’

‘This book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand how to accelerate their own performance. Its bursting with highly practical insights, it debunks the myths around performance using science and storytelling, and leaves you armed with the knowledge, methods and motivation to help you get better at the things you want to get better at, every day of your life.’

James Worrall

Founder and Chairman

Leaders in Sport

Ted Rath

Vice President of Player Performance

Philadelphia Eagles

‘James transformed the selection and training process at Mandara ‘An incredibly detailed, yet easy to understand guide for anyone interested in achieving elite performance. King challenges your thought process and then prepares you for problem solving the puzzle that is elite performance. A must read for anyone seeking to become the best version of themselves- that means all of us.’

‘James King is the tip of the spear when it comes to motivation, confidence and resilience. His innovative and unique understanding of the mechanics of human performance make him the definitive coach of the future. He has cracked the algorithm for excellence.’


Jerry Dipoto

Executive VP & General Manager

Seattle Mariner Baseball Club

‘This book is a veritable blueprint for building a high performance environment. James provides insights that span the gamut of development. From culture and communication, to building leadership, skills and routines. This is a highly educational read that will certainly become a go to reference for me in the ongoing quest for excellence.’

‘I have seen first hand how James King builds elite performance individuals and organisations. Accelerating Excellence will show you how. The strategies contained are unique, innovative and proven. I unreservedly recommend this book to anyone involved in high performance.’

Jason Henderson

Master Chief

Navy SEAL NSWDG (Retired)

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